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Crawl Space Insulation Services

A poorly maintained or insulated crawl space has the potential to leak dangerous toxins and bacteria into your home. If your crawl space isn’t properly sealed, pests can quickly destroy insulation and contaminate your home’s air. 

In addition to the health risks posed by these threats, a poorly insulated crawl space can also affect you financially — hiking up energy costs and damaging your home’s value. 

If you are looking for a crawl space insulation company to help you repair or replace your insulation, contact Insulation Co. for a free, same-day estimate. Our services include:

A Crawl Space Insulation Company You Can Depend On

Insulation Co. lives up to our reputation as one of the Pacific Northwest’s leading crawl space insulation companies by investing heavily in our employees and the technology they use to get the job done. 

Our founder, Jo [last name], has been installing insulation for over 25 years, giving him fluency in the industry and a strong belief that a company is only as strong as its employees. This is why each one of our crew leaders has a minimum of 10 years of crawl space insulation experience.

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Crawl Space Clean Out

Before fresh insulation can go in, all your old insulation and any debris in the crawl space need to come out. Our specialists are equipped and certified to remove: 

  • Contaminated or damaged insulation 
  • Live or dead rodents and all carcasses 
  • Old or damaged vapor barrier
  • Any other miscellaneous debris

If your crawl space has mold or mildew, we can also provide mold removal and remediation. Our mold-control service includes cleaning, ventilation repair, and a 2-coat treatment process to kill the mold and remove lingering odors.

crawl space cleaning
crawl space insulation

Crawl Space Insulation Installation

The poorly installed installation allows gaps to form between your floor and the insulation below. This causes air to pass between the insulation and your floors. Airflow like this cools your floors, draining warmth out of your home and hiking up your energy costs. Poorly wrapped pipes are another source of energy loss. 

To help you control the climate in your home, we provide the following crawl space insulation services:  

  • Batt insulation installation in the crawl space joists of your home
  • State-of-the-art nylon twine securing to ensure insulation batts don’t droop or sag
  • 6mil black poly vapor barrier installation 
  • Insulation wrapping for exposed hot and cold water pipes
  • Repair/replacement of any damaged heat ducts we discover
  • Mastic sealing for exposed heat duct seams

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Crawl Space Sealing Services

Your dry and freshly insulated crawl space is at the top of every rodents’ dream home list. Bats, rats, mice, and other pests can quickly damage insulation and spread disease into your home’s air. Since up to 40% of the air in your home is drawn in through the crawl space, it is crucial to keep rodents away. 

Our animal exclusion services include:

  • Foundation entry point sealing
  • Crawl space access door replacement 
  • Ventilation screen repair/replacement
  • Foam air sealing of all plumbing and wire penetrations
Crawl Space Sealing

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