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Crawl insulation removal & install

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Wall insulation removal & install

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Crawl Space
*Removal or clean out of existing insulation and vapor barrier


*Removal or clean out of existing insulation and debris


Attic Blown-in Insulation (Fiberglass or Cellulose)
*Upgrade your current insulation to R49 (16.5") WSEC


Crawl Space Insulation Install and Vapor Barrier
*Upgrade your current insulation to R38 or R30 depending on joist depth, includes water pipes and vapor


Drill & Fill Wall or Between Floor Insulation
*If your walls or between floors are already finished but have no Insulation we can drill 2" holes and fill the
cavities with blown-in fiberglass or cellulose.


Closed Cell Spray Foam
*We use this is crawl, attic or wall joists that can't achieve the proper r-value due to insufficient depth. Standard

fiberglass insulation gets up to R3.5 per inch, whereas spray foam can achieve up to R6.5 per inch.


Prescriptive Attic Foam Air Seal
*Insulation is a great thermal barrier but is not necessarily a good air barrier. With our attic foam air seal application, we seal around can lights where they penetrate the drywall and where the wire goes into the receptacle. We also seal up the plumbing and wire penetrations that go through the drywall into the heated living space. This helps prevent air and heat leakage from your home. Many new homes require attic air seals in order to pass inspection on a blower door test.



Added Ventilation
*Most of the time mold accumulates from poor ventilation, blockage from insulation, heat duct/fan vents that leak hot air into the attic or crawl space creating condensation, moisture from standing water. We can add roof jacks, ridge vents, eave vents to help improve air flow. Call us today to get a ventilation calculation.


Added Bath Fan Vents or Repair to Existing
*If your attic bath fan vents are not connected to the roof vent outlets, sealed and insulated they can leak moist air into the attic creating condensation. This will make a haven for mold to grow. We repair, seal, wrap or add new bath fan vents where needed.


Mold Control & Mold Primer
*We use a (2) coat process to eliminate mold/mildew, smell and seal with primer. The mold primer product we use has a 5 year warranty.


Removal of Mold Infested Insulation
*Mold can come in many different phases. It's not always visible. We always remove the insulation even if the mold is not visible to remove all variables and assist in future preventative measures.



New Vertical Crawl Space Access Door
*Your crawl access can be one of the main areas of rodent intrusion. We custom fabricate a new access door to fit your foundation access.


Seal Foundation Entry Points
*Common places for critters to enter your crawl space are through drain pipes that penetrate the foundation walls, foundation drain vents and burrows at the foot of the foundation. We concrete seal any openings and cap all drain vents.


Ventilation Screening
*Rodents can get into your crawl space through the soffit vents at the perimeter of your foundation. Sometimes your tv service provider will punch a hole through a crawl vent during the time of installation to allow them to run wiring through your crawl space, this is effective in mounting your cable jack. But, creates an opening for rodent intrusion. We can repair or re-screen all vents to reinforce your rodent protection.



Heat Duct Repair
*Most of the time we find hole in the metal heat ducts when we remove the insulation. We can repair those holes with sheet metal and secure it with screws. If your flex ducts have an excessive amount of holes we will usually just replace those.


Metal Heat Duct Seal & Re-Wrap
*Once the holes have been repaired we seal all the seams, joints, boots and registers with mastic seal. This is a much more effective approach than the past method of using aluminum tape. After, we wrap the heat duct with unfaced R11 batt insulation to create a thermal barrier.


Flex Duct All Metal Conversion
*In gas heated homes, heat ducts are the main source of heat/air flow to help regulate the temperature inside your home. Sometimes you will notice that each vent blows a different volume of air. This can be a result of: disconnected or damaged heat ducts, something might be blocking/obstructing the air flow through the heat ducts or constricting/compressing (mount straps) the pipe and making it smaller in diameter, holes or rodent damage on the pipe, air leakage through poorly sealed heat duct seams, defective/old air filter, setting on the furnace or a brand new furnace may be needed (depending on age). Again, these are only a few causes of the problem. We can repair holes in metal heat ducts with sheet metal that we fasten with screws to the area and seal with mastic to make it all one continuous piece. If the straps on mounted flex ducts are adjusted too tight, we can loosen the straps to relieve the flex duct allow the pipe to expand back to it's original diameter.


Attic insulation removal & install

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***Savings on Energy Bills vary. Higher R-Values mean greater insulation power.

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