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Wall Insulation Services

Poorly insulated walls are a drain on your home’s energy, leaking heat during the winter and losing valuable AC during the summer. If you’re tired of paying to heat the outdoors, then it’s time for you to partner with a dependable wall insulation company. 

Here at Insulation Co., our insulation experts have decades of experience — from our founder, who got started over 25 years ago, to our crew leaders who each have a minimum of ten years of experience. 

Continue reading to learn about our wall insulation services or call us today to request a free, same-day cost estimate.

A Wall Insulation Company You Can Count On

Insulation Co. is a family-owned business that takes pride in delivering small-town values to the big city. We also understand that a company is only as strong as its employees, which is why we hire based on dedication, honesty, and integrity. 

The strong work ethic of our team and the deep experience of our leadership means that when we deliver an estimate, you can rest easy knowing that the number we quoted you on the phone is the same number you’ll receive at the end of your wall insulation service. Our wall insulation services include:

Batt Insulation for Exterior Walls

We offer a variety of insulation options for new constructions, unfinished basements, or any other space (like a garage, shop, or spare room) where the walls aren’t covered with drywall.

Exterior wall insulation options include: 

  • Unfaced or faced fiberglass insulation
  • Regular or high-density fiberglass batts
  • Rigid foam board
  • Spray foam up to 2” thick 
  • Blown-in cellulose
  • Blown-in fiberglass
  • Roxul (a fireproof and water repellent insulation solution)

Call to text us today for a wall insulation cost estimate or to ask us about which insulation type would be the best solution for the walls in your home.


Wall Insulation Service
Interior Wall Insulation
Exterior Wall Insulation

Drill & Fill Blown-in Insulation for Interior & Exterior Walls

It can be challenging to insulate a wall for noise reduction if there’s already drywall installed. At Insulation Co., our experts have solved this problem by investing in specialized equipment that enables us to insulate interior and exterior walls without any demolition or drywall work. 

For interior walls, our technique involves drilling 2” holes at each cavity and filling those holes with cellulose blown-in insulation. Cellulose is a dense and heavy insulation material that we can pack tightly, making it a superior insulation for sound reduction.

For exterior walls, our technique requires drilling 2” holes at each cavity and blowing in Owen’s Corning L77 fiberglass insulation. We use Owen’s because it is formaldehyde-free. If your exterior walls have siding, we remove a row of siding to gain access to the plywood.

For both interior and exterior walls, once the insulation is installed, we cover the holes with a foam or wooden plug. If we removed siding from your external wall, we’ll reinstall the siding after the plug is put in place.


Closed-Cell Spray Foam & Rigid Foam Board Wall Insulation

It’s difficult to insulate a wall when there’s limited joist depth. Our wall insulation contractors resolve this challenge with closed-cell spray foam, which we offer at 1”-7” applications. 

While traditional batts have a maximum of R3.5 value per inch, closed-cell spray foam delivers a robust R7 per inch. 

For small jobs that don’t warrant a visit from our spray foam rig, we can quickly install rigid foam board insulation.

Spray Foam
Rigid Foam

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